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Charles Morrison cmorrison at info2000.net
Wed May 10 15:36:14 MDT 2000

I don't know what your budget is for this, but there is GroupWise (Novell) and
also the Lotus stuff. The Lotus server is available for LInux, although I
haven't used it and thus can't recommend it from personal use.  Religious wars
seem to develop around Lotus stuff.

GroupWise seems to run OK, although it has been a resource hog in the past. It
does support calendars, appointments and all sorts of goodies. I don't know much
about the  enhancements to more recent versions, but I've been told that
it does support a web interface and POP3 now. I believe the server component
runs on NetWare, but it may be available on other platforms by now.

Good Luck

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Andrew Diederich wrote:
> I've been authorized by my boss to start looking for an outlook replacement
> for our users.  Yes, I know the proper answer is mutt (no, Pine!  No, elm,
> with no ME patches!  Telnet to pop3!  Telnet to imap for added pain!) but I
> really need something for Windows.
> The true kicker is he'd like to have some calendaring embedded in the mail
> client.  While outlook's (aka Microsoft Distributed Denial of Service)
> calendaring is awful, it looks nice.  So the best way for me to head may be
> to find some calendaring software and see if it sends email.  
> I've taken a quick looks at Eudora and pegasus and Netscape, but they don't
> have the calendaring bits.  I suspect the locals will want a non-html
> calendar, so web solutions are probably out.  A mail client that does vCard
> would be good.  Hmm.  Any ideas?
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> Andrew
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