[lug] OT: outlook replacement

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Wed May 10 16:50:51 MDT 2000

Charles Morrison wrote:
> GroupWise seems to run OK, although it has been a resource hog in the past. It

As well as mysteriously getting little database corruption problems (we use
Groupwise 5.2 here)

> does support calendars, appointments and all sorts of goodies. I don't know much
> about the  enhancements to more recent versions, but I've been told that
> it does support a web interface and POP3 now. I believe the server component
> runs on NetWare, but it may be available on other platforms by now.

Yes, it does support POP3 and IMAP.

I would suspect that it's not available for other OSes, since it's heavily
hooked into NDS - but I could be wrong.

Just keep in mind that it has abysmal filtering abilities (nothing per message,
and primitive include-exclude-server lists). Also - you have the per-user
license fees to consider (though that's on the honor system - the server
doesn't put a hard limit on accounts).


Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot

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