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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Thu May 11 08:58:13 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Evelyn Mitchell
> Framemaker is available for Linux.

Frame is nice for technical book layout, but for children's types books
where the flow is less linear it probably would be less than ideal.

Currently, there are no page layout tools for Linux.  Both Canvas and
Artstream are said to incoporate various levels of page layout features.
Both of these tools are vector drawing tools first, but the demand for page
layout has made both companies start to emphasize the page layout features.

Artstream is a native Linux app that requires Mesa or OpenGL.

Canvas is a Mac and PC app that is being ported through the use of Wine.

I've not been able to run either on my box, but I've pretty much come to
the conclusion that it's the box and not the apps.
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