[lug] OT: outlook replacement

John Edwards harkerii at sprintmail.com
Thu May 11 20:57:31 MDT 2000

At 04:02 PM 5/10/00 -0600, you wrote:
>I've taken a quick looks at Eudora and pegasus and Netscape, but they don't
>have the calendaring bits.  I suspect the locals will want a non-html
>calendar, so web solutions are probably out.  A mail client that does vCard
>would be good.  Hmm.  Any ideas?

	Eudora would be my first suggestion.  Eudora *DOES* have a calendar
product, but I know nothing about it, or if it even integrates with the
email client.
	The only other one I can think of might be Lotus Notes, but I think this
requires an entire Notes setup and configuration (ie: Notes server, etc).
I think that Notes can do POP3, if that's what you're doing now.  Notes
also has an excellent calendar product integrated.  You can schedule, and
make it public so other's can request you're available time....
	Given all that, Personally, I do not like Notes.  It's interface is not
consistent, which, to me, is it's biggest crime.

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