[lug] May 11, 2000 - BLUG meeting Summary

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Mon May 15 11:01:07 MDT 2000

            Boulder Linux User's Group Meeting Summary

Attendance: approximately 100


This was our first meeting after moving the group from our old 1107
meeting room (seats 75) to the NIST Auditorium (seats 500).  It will take
some adjusting to get used to the bigger space, but we won't be as cramped
in the new meeting room. 

The featured speaker for the evening was Greg Holling <gholling at rmi.net>.
His presentation was entitled "Java and Linux - The Anarchists Toolkit",
and covered the broad spectrum of programming using Java in the Linux
environment.  His presentation notes can be found at:


As usual, we wrapped up the evening with our usual door prize drawing and
general Linux question and answer period. 

Next meeting:  June 8, 2000, NIST Auditorium
               Elizabeth Coolbaugh <cool at eklektix.com>
               of Eklektix <http://eklektix.com/> and the Linux Weekly
               News <http://lwn.net/> will be giving her "Tour of Linux
               Distributions" presentation.

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