[lug] trouble posting to mailing list(s)

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Wed May 17 23:00:40 MDT 2000

arnie wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have been having trouble posting to several mailing lists, including this
> one. I am able to post from windows using Netscape 4.51, and from Linux using
> kmail (which I am using now), but when I try to post from Linux with Netscape
> (4.51) my posts do not go through.
> I have been exchanging emails with Wayde about this, but so far we cannot
> figure this out. Since some other people on the list seem to have the same
> trouble, Wayde suggested I post to the list and see what suggestions people may
> have for correcting this.
> As near as I can tell, the trouble seems to be that Linux Netscape creates a
> 'Sender: ' mail header which contains the value 'arnie', which is my username
> on my machine. The 'Email Address:' and 'Reply to: in my Netscape preferences
> both contain my email address at my ISP, which is asherman1 at uswest.net. That is
> also the address I used to subscribe to the list For whatever reason, Linux
> Netscape does not see this, and uses 'arnie' as the Sender. Obviously this is
> not a valid email address.
> Any suggestions for troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated, and a
> solution would aid both myself, and other Linux users on some other mailing
> lists who have told me they have the same trouble.
> thanks,
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> arnie sherman
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I'm hoping this one won't bounce. Wayde, please let me know if you have
to pass this one through, I've changed some things.

I know in my mail headers if I run netscape as root, regardless of
whether my preferences are set to my regular user or not, it places
root at ... in the header. My isp seems to append whatever that name is to
their own domain/pop3/smtp machine, which might be the problem. Before
my current test config, it wasn't even attaching the full machine name,
it was an invalid format:
root at .idcomm.com

Now if I use my new config (while running as root):
root at brainstem.idcomm.com  (brainstem is apparently their mail daemon

The reason for running as root was because of X auth issues rejecting my
regular user...both denying starting of X, and of displaying on root's
window. I could get around it, but the easy means was quite insecure.
Now I am running as my regular user on an X session started by the
regular user, and hoping that variation handles it. Are you running as

As a side note, I could never get pine to work, because it required me
to change my localhost pass of the regular user to the same pass as my
modem dialup pass...something I am unwilling to do. Does anyone know how
to tell pine what password to use when authenticating with the isp,
which is remote to the pine client, without changing the local machine

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

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