[lug] Announcement of Class Discussing Usage of FSL's New Computer (fwd)

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Thu May 18 10:31:45 MDT 2000

>            High Performance Computing at FSL: the New Computer
>               and Software Tools for Sofwtare Development
>                             DSRC Room GC402
>                          Thursday May 18, 2000
>                               1:30 - 4:30pm
>                        Advanced Computing Branch
>                     Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL)
>This seminar is intended to introduce the new High Performance Computer
>at FSL (Jet), the use and access of Jet, and the work of FSL's Advanced
>Computing Branch.
>Last fall the new High Performance Computing System (HPCS) contract was
>let to High Performance Technologies Inc (HPTi). The new HPCS is composed
>of a 256 CPU compute platform, a storage area network, and a mass storage
>system. The compute platform is based upon Compaq XP1000/667's using Linux
>as the operating system.  Starting in May, the HPCS will become available
>to users outside of FSL. Access methods, usage, and capabilities will be
>A directive-based parallelization tool called the Scalable Modeling System
>(SMS) will also be described.  To parallelize a Fortran code, the user
>inserts SMS directives in the form of comments into existing FORTRAN code.
>SMS translates the code and directives into a parallel version which runs
>efficiently on both shared and distributed memory high performance
>computing platforms.  While the tool has been tailored toward finite
>difference approximation and spectral atmospheric models, the approach is
>sufficiently general to be applied to other structured grid codes.
>Parallel code examples and performance results from case studies will be
Please call Leslie Hart, x7253, if you have any questions.
NOAA/Forecast Systems Laboratories

Thank you.

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