[lug] Trying to bind IP to eth0]]

Justin glowecon at netscape.net
Thu May 18 12:39:47 MDT 2000

I am running kernel 2.2.14 on this box, however I don't remember checking ip
aliasing when compiling the kernel. I was doing this for testing purposes just
to see if I could bind my ip as an alias but this box won't have the ip
ultimately. The ip will eventually be aliased on a different box that will
have kernel 2.2.15 and I will be sure to check ip aliasing on that one  :)
Also, from a previous reply it was noted that ip aliasing is "broken" in
redhat 6.1 which this box is running. We can drop this thread at this point
until I get the box up that will 'own' this ip. Thanks for the help ...


> The real question here is what kernel are you running?  ipaliases is a
> default #define in recent 2.2.x kernels.  One problem that I've noticed
> with ipalias is that it doesn't appear to give you a way, or at least
> an easy way, to configure one interface on two different networks.  It
> seems to be designed only to allow one host to appear as different IP
> addresses on the same network.
> You also have to make sure that the interface is up and running on the
> primary IP address before attempting to bring up any aliases, and that
> may be your problem here if you are trying to bring up the alias from
> single user mode.
> -- archer
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