[lug] Samba question

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Thu May 18 15:39:19 MDT 2000

"Metz, Justin M (Justin)" wrote:
> I have a dual homed box, eth0 for external network, eth1 for internal
> network. It is possible for me to run Samba for my internal network hosts
> right?

"interfaces" and "bind interfaces only" should do what you want.
The interfaces option specifies which network interfaces Samba will
work on.  By default, Samba operates only on the primary interface,
typically eth0, which I think is what you want.  Specifying, bind 
interfaces only = yes, will force smbd and nmbd to only serve those 
addresses specified by the interfaces option and ignore any packets
which do not come from the broadcast address (or addresses) listed
in the interfaces option.

Lynn Danielson

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