[lug] Help with PHP + MYSQL

Murat Ustuntas redhat_list at yahoo.com
Fri May 19 02:20:35 MDT 2000

You should try these steps , i hope you will run this.

1. to configure httpd.conf in /etc/httpd/conf
loadModule php_module modules/mod_php.so
LoadMOdule php_module modules/libphp3.so
AddModule mod_php3.c
2. /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart
3.go rpmfind net then to get php-mysql-xxx.tar.gz
suitable for your system.
4.  to open it copy mysql.so /usr/apache/modules
5. configure /etc/httpd to php3.ini
add into extention=mysql.so
/etc/rc.d/inet.d/httpd restart

you may run..I suppose that you will happy.

Murat Ustuntas

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