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arnie asherman1 at uswest.net
Fri May 19 19:05:19 MDT 2000

Calvin Dodge wrote:
> I think Netscape does that by default.  You might try adding the following
>  line:
>  user_pref("mail.suppress_sender_header", true);
>  to preferences.js and liprefs.js in the $HOME/.netscape directory.

I added the above line to preferences.js and liprefs.js, and sent a test message. It does not seem to 
have worked though, I sent a copy of the message to myself, and the Sender
field is still there, and populated  with my Linux userid, rather than my email
address. I tried it after restarting Netscape, and even went so far as to log
out and back in, but the Sender header is still there.

I'd be tempted to just switch over to kmail, but I have set things up so that
both windows Netscape and Linux Netscape access the same folders, so I can see
all of my emails no matter which OS I am using. I really want to keep it that
way. Before I figured out how to do that, I found that I was always looking for
an email that I had recieved in whichever OS I was not currently using.

Still open to suggestions...
arnie sherman
frenomulax at bigfoot.com

"I'm only Bob Dylan when I have to be."
		- Bob Dylan

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