[lug] New Video Card

David dajo at frii.com
Fri May 19 19:05:06 MDT 2000

I bought a Diamond Stealth III S540 in the expectation that it would
improve my video quality - this may be a misteak in itself.  However,
I have not been able to get RedHat 6.0 to recognize the card.  Stealth
II is in the standard list but not III.  I cannot remember exactly
what I did or what happens since it has been a month or so since I
tried the installation and I have been too busy to keep trying.

Can anyone tell me how to set up for this card, please?

I bought RH6.1 about a day before 6.2 came out, but that does not list
Stealth II either.  If anyone knows that 6.2 has the support built-in,
please let me know; in that case that is the way I shall go since I am
an extremely lazy person and one click has a lot of appeal.


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