[lug] q: building libraries

Chan Kar Heng khchan at cyberdude.com
Sat May 20 09:04:34 MDT 2000


anyone has pointers or details on how to create libraries
from .c files?
(i refer to libraries like libpthreads.so and stuff like that)

don't think i have a problem with the contents of the .c file,
but what utilities do i use on them to make them into libraries
that i've described? i managed to make .a files, but my .c files
that call functions in them end up having contents of those .a
files linked in. in short, i want to make dynamic shared libraries.

checked out info a bit on these tools... should i refer further
on ar? or libtool?
how about dlltool? it's available on gcc for win32 but are the
output files usable in linux?

thanks in advance..


i don't suffer from stress... i'm a carrier.

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