[lug] weird high loads

Andrew Diederich andrew at NETdelivery.com
Tue May 30 11:34:22 MDT 2000

Hmm.  They are running 3-4 odd finds:

nobody   11509  0.0  0.3   832   492  ?  D   May 28   0:00 find / ( -fstype
nfs -o -fstype NFS -o -fstype afs -o -fstype proc -o -fstype smbfs -o
-fstype autofs -o -type d -regex

Nobody's /etc/passwd entry looks sane

I wonder if this is some odd YaST process trying to mount a SuSE cdrom, or
find some rpm's to examine?


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> >>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Diederich <andrew at NETdelivery.com> writes:
> Andrew> On two of my linux boxes I have a load of > 3.  This is really
> Andrew> weird, especially because they're not doing much.  Top shows
> Andrew> not a whole lot of cpu activity, not much memory activity.
> Andrew> How do I figure out why my load average is so high?
> well, first thing I would check is for processes stuck in disk wait
> ("D"):
> ps -auxww | grep " D "
> Processes in disk wait are things that are waiting on I/O. Nfs server
> to respond, disk to respond, etc. Those can drive your apparent load
> up. (They are counted as running processes, even tho they are just
> sitting there waiting for I/O). 
> If thats not the case, you might consider grabbing a fresh copy of top
> and ps and running those. It could be that someone has compromised
> your machines and is running something on them that they have modified
> ps and top not to show... ;( 
> Andrew> -Andrew
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