[lug] backspace key not working in vi

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Wed May 31 08:48:25 MDT 2000

Originally it was xterm but I have since switched it to vt100.  I have 
my .tcshrc doing an stty erase ^H, I will try it from the command line 
but I am dubious.  For some reason, in vi the backspace is showing up 
as ^?.  I think it has to do with all of the cutesy color term garbage 
that has been put in (nothing like a good bias).  I have been able 
to eradicate most of it but I think they set something somewhere else, 
I just can't figure out where.


> I don't have 6.2, but have you tried actually doing stty -erase ^H ?  I 
> have found that even though stty -a shows erase as ^H that sometimes I
> have to set it.  Also, what are you using for a terminal?  The console, X
> term, something else?

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