[lug] backspace key not working in vi (off topic)

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed May 31 09:06:33 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Kevin Moore
> How do you get rid of all that "cutesy color term garbage"? I haven't had
> the time to really take a look at this "feature", but it annoys the !@## out
> of me. Thanks..Kevin

At a bash prompt, try this:

   > ~/.vimrc

That will create a zero length .vimrc file, or truncate an existing one.
If you have one already, you might want to rename it first just in case you
want to go back to it later.  With a zero length config file vim will
assume ordinary vi operation.

I know this works for VIM, but there are actually a couple different VI's
available these days depending on the distribution you use.  I haven't really 
dug into which one is which, but VIM seems to be used as the default on a
number of them.
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