[lug] Telnet timeout or Oracle client timeout

carl.wagner at level3.com carl.wagner at level3.com
Wed May 31 14:33:14 MDT 2000

One thought, have you tried to leave a telnet session up between the
2 Linux boxes?  Have you tried different client software?

I have left telnet sessions up for weeks if not months from a xterm.
That was not Linux but I don't think Linux's version has a time-out.  
(ftp does time-out after around 15 minutes of inactivity)

Are these plain telnet sessions or are you starting an application in them?
(try it with just telneting and leaving it at the prompt)  I have seen
applications that will drop the connection when terminating.

Do you have a network problem?  This will cause you to lose your connection
(this is what is responsible for most of my telnet abnormal terminations).


Jeffry Scott wrote:
> Folks, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere:
>   1. Is there a system or application setting that can remove a low timeout
>      limit on telnet?  Would this setting be placed on the Linux telnet
>      server/host, or on the telnet client?  If so, where is it?
>   2. Is there a similar timeout setting on a Linux Oracle server that may
>      enforce low timeout limits (~10-15 minutes)?  Or is this setting placed
>      on/in the Oracle client?
> Background for both these questions:
>   1. A number of my associates are running telnet clients from Windoze NT
>      and Windoze 98 boxes, on to a Gateway P200 (w/ RedHat Linux 6.0), or a
>      Compaq dual processor P3-500 (w/ RedHat Linux 6.1).  In all
>      combinations their telnet session is terminated after 10-20 minutes of
>      inactivity.  We've looked high and low for settings in the client
>      software, or on the Linux hosts, to no avail.  Search of www.redhat.com
>      just times out.  Per some local Linux gurus, we LinuxLayPersons are
>      told we are fools, and that a telnet timeout setting is right up there
>      with changing lead to gold. Either these gurus are misguided, these
>      mythical/mystical timeout settings don't exist, or we are looking in
>      the wrong places.  Any pointers, hints, tips, incantations would be
>      most appreciated.
>   2. These same associates (not the local Linux gurus) are running Oracle8i
>      SQLNETW clients to the Linux Oracle8i (8.1.5, we haven't received the
>      8.1.6 CDs yet) database instance.  The SQLNETW client will time out
>      after 10-15 minutes of inactivity.  This has some nasty implications
>      for an application we are developing, as we'd like to created some
>      pooled connections from a client application to the DBMS.  Obviously,
>      if the pooled connections time out after a while, it's not much use
>      having them around.  A call to Oracle Technical Support yielded "there
>      is now timeout setting for Net8, it must be a system/OS problem."  OK,
>      but ideas on WHERE in the OS?  We've stumped Oracle Technical Support
>      on that one.
> Obviously, we'd like to get both problems solved, but the second has higher
> importance.  Again, any tips, hints, whatever, would be most appreciated.
> Post via this group or to me directly.  I'll post a solution (if any) and
> will buy the first solution provider a jefe's lunch at a Mexican eatery in
> Boulder County.
> Thanks for listening.
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