[lug] The Myth of Open Source Security

ljp llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Wed May 31 17:04:26 MDT 2000

Personally, I think that neither code model has an extreme advantage over
the other as security is concerned. Finding security issues in ANY code is
a bear. Open source has the advantage of having (in my experience) faster
updates when they are found. Any computer on the internet is vulnerable to
attack, dialup or otherwise. It's not a matter of IF attackers find a
security hole, its WHEN. Its also a matter of intelligent coding. ie, not
making the program automatically open and run scripts and macros in
email... who's hair-brained idea was that?
oh ya- the same people that brought you convoluted filenames


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> For the sake of discussion, here is an interesting article on Open source security.
> http://developer.earthweb.com/journal/techfocus/052600_security.html

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