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I never used it at that early stage so the Age Of Bloat for WP occurred
shortly after 1985.  I do have a copy of HomeWord II from Sierra, a nice
word-processing program which fits on a 720 floppy.  I could copy it to a
2.88 floppy and have plenty of room for files.  Bloatism seems comparatively
absent from Linux when compared to Microsoft.  I'm fairly certain that some
good programmers could both reduce the footprint of Microsoft products and
increase their functionality but that doesn't seem to be on Gates' agenda.
Of course, this simply gives another advantage to Linux.
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> metcalf at attglobal.net wrote:
> > I remember using WP back in the late 1980's when it took up something
> > 5MB.
> How about it fitting, along with the more importants parts of DOS, on a
> 360 KB boot floppy. Spellcheck which needed a second 360 KB floppy on
which  you
> could store data files (WP 4.1, circa 1985).....
> Gad, I am getting old <g>.
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