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When you say that you don't like the "complete desktop functionality that
StarOffice tries to force on you" I gather you're referring to how the
various functions interact whether or not you wish them to.  I've run into
that on occasion.  My main use for StarOffice is simple spreadsheets for
various projects so I've not had any major problems.  I tried to use
StarBase but quickly ran afoul of its limitations so I deleted everything
and ignored that module.  I've skimmed through the 5.1 manual to get an idea
of its potential capabilities and read most of the 5.2 docs on www.sun.com
which haven't impressed me enough to download it.  If the new database
engine for StarBase turns out to be industrial strength I might take another
look at it.
    So far it hasn't hung on me but I'm not pushing it anywhere near its
limits (other than exceeding them with StarBase).
    Since I'm running it with Caldera's OpenLinux I haven't had the problems
you've encountered (I may yet run into problems, cross my fingers).
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> I have had StarOffice hang on me several times. I usually put it in its
> own desktop and it really doesn't like the switching back and forth. I
> use the bastardized GNOME/Enlightenment that RedHat ships...never had
> this problem with KDE. I suspect it is the version of E that is shipped
> with RedHat...Mandrake says he doesn't like that version...I should try
> compiling from source.
> Furthermore, I don't like the complete desktop functionality that
> StarOffice tries to force on you. The ability it has to open Word and
> Excel files makes it possible for me to stay away from the Windows box
> at work but there are many things I don't much care for in StarOffice.
> How about how long it takes to initially load....jeez.
> I think I'm going to try some of the others like Applixware and
> WordPerfect. I think it is Applix that has a java version available...I
> like the idea of possible just putting this on a UNIX server and getting
> other people to use it too.
> metcalf at attglobal.net wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for a programmer's perspective.  I don't program and only have
> > conceptual knowledge of programming gleaned from talking with
> > and what I've picked up from print sources.  I'm thankful that
StarOffice is
> > achieving comparable levels of functionality to MS Office but with a
> > smaller footprint.  And unlike MS Office I've never had StarOffice crash
> > me.
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