[lug] Industrial Strength DB (was: StarOffice)

Precision Solutions, Inc. kevin at precisonline.com
Mon Jun 26 17:37:44 MDT 2000

In reading the comments re: SO 5.2, a couple of y'all mentioned "if
their new database is industrial strength"...  As someone with a
significant vested interest in databases, and Linux databases in
particular, I was hoping some of you might add a few qualifiers to
define your vision of "industrial strength".

My company has developed a database technology that stores not only
columns and rows of text and numbers, but multidimensional
structures, multimedia data (i.e. audio, video, graphics, etc.) and
comingled international and domestic text.  While we're way ahead of
the game as far as uniqueness goes, it would be beneficial to hear
from any of you regarding the standard kinds of features you look for
in an "industrial strength" storage product.

kevin at precisonline.com

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