[lug] Industrial Strength DB (was: StarOffice)

Precision Solutions, Inc. kevin at precisonline.com
Tue Jun 27 10:50:12 MDT 2000

Okay, you have me intrigued.

>In my case an "industrial strength" database has to be able to index

Are we talking ten independent indices, or the ability to create one
index based on the product of ten fields?

>...handle at least 100,000 records (I'm not there yet but it may
>exceed that before I'm done) {even if I have to buy a huge hard

One of the issues we're facing is the 2GB max file size on
Linux/Unix.  Under this cap, however, there's no reason why any
number of records couldn't be stored.  Which products impose the 100K
limit you mention?

>... plus
>link notefields while maintaining data integrity

By "notefields" I'm assuming you're meaning either large external
textual fields or something like a BLOB, correct?  We don't have a
need for these kinds of fields; we can store it all in the record
stream, regardless of content or structure.

>...and no changing a field
>because it thinks something else should be there.

Here's where I'm intrigued.  Could you explain this with a bit more

>If the original data is
>non-linear I don't want the program to change data on the assumption
>the original data IS linear.

You lost me there.  What do you mean?

>It would also be nice if it can index and
>search fairly rapidly (no sitting around waiting for a datum to
appear on
>the screen).

Absolutely.  I appreciate the feedback, and hope to hear more details
on the above issues.

kevin at precisonline.com

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