[lug] Industrial Strength DB (was: StarOffice)

Archer Sully archer at meer.net
Tue Jun 27 14:30:16 MDT 2000

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From: "Sean Reifschneider" <jafo-blug at tummy.com>

> >The surprising thing is that any *DBMS that is aspiring to "industrial
> >strength" would use the filesystem at all.
> I guess it depends on your definition of "industrial strength".  To me,
> 100k records and 10 indicies is pretty light weight.  When I think
> of "industrial strength", I think half million dollar machines with
> a hundred thousand records every minute...

That was my point.  I don't think that the algorithms have been developed
yet that would allow an object database to scale in any meaningful manner.
And Oracle, Sybase, etc... usually want you to use a raw partition(s) for
production use.  The file system doesn't cut it (well, maybe xfs on a good

-- archer

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