[lug] Are their projects needing volunteers?

Brian Jarrett BrianJ at StorageSoft.com
Wed Jun 28 12:42:52 MDT 2000

Hello all!

I've been wanting to get more involved in Linux for some time now.  I have
recently been doing some server setups at work, but we're still using mostly
NT here.  I try to spend time with my linux system at home tinkering with
different things, but I've found that the best way I learn is by having to
figure out how to accomplish a task.  I'm wanting to get more into Linux
Systems Administration and more programming and thought that I'd ask if
there are any projects (open source?) out there that I could help with.  I
would say that I'm still a novice when it comes to Linux, but I learn
quickly.  Just to let you know what I have been exposed to, here are some
basics about me:

I have an extensive background in electronics from the Air Force and have
been in computers since then.  I've done some minor work with C/C++ and
Delphi and have done more MS Access programming than anything, but would
still consider myself a novice.  I understand a lot about routing and TCP/IP
networking from my current job and have set up all of my companies NT
servers, Web, FTP, DNS, etc...  I love to learn new things and have
excellent analytical skills honed over 10 years of troubleshooting.  I've
spent several years as a software tester and know how to break things. *
grin*  All of the programming I've done has been self-taught from reading
the manuals and a few books on programming.

If you have something, or would like to know more about me, let me know.  I
don't have a lot of extra time to spare, but I figure I could use some
motivation to be learning these things.

Brian Jarrett

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