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Wed Jun 28 15:39:26 MDT 2000

This is one of those kind of grey advertisements.  My first inclination
was to delete it since I get a lot of this kind of stuff now, but I

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Subject: Linux and AMIGA
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 00:57:28 -0400
From: Chris Smith <chris at softhut.com>

Hello Linux User Group Coordinator!

	My name is Chris Smith and I represent a company in West Chester, PA,
called Software Hut, Inc. We are an AMIGA International, INC. distributor
and retailer. You may already be familiar with the AMIGA and you may also
be familiar with the current status of the new AMIGA and their formed
alliances with such notable companies as Sun Microsystems, Red Hat Linux
and Corel.

	In the past, this superior software/hardware based setup has
revolutionized the "Multimedia" computer as we know it. It was the first
True Multitasking system with true graphic and video capabilities. AMIGA
International is now in the process of developing a new revolutionary OS
based on the Linux kernel, to take the "World By Storm" yet again. They
have chosen the Linux Kernel due to it's unbeatable stability and
compatibility with hardware. 

	AMIGA is looking for developers. Again, this is an open field as this has
just come about. The possibilities are endless if you have a software
developing background or are just a hobbyist. Once an application is
written it is almost 100% transportable to many different hardware
configurations. Some possible examples are Palm Tops, Servers, Cell Phones
and more.  They now have a Software Developer Kit(SDK) available with the
essential programming needs, which we are currently selling at our location.
We have received a great response from it, and we are looking for more
familiar people.

	We are asking that you make this news available to your User Group. This
could be very beneficial to any developer or hobbyist who may belong to
your group. Or, maybe just someone who has a great idea for an
open-platform OS. We are primarily mail-order, so we can ship just about
anywhere in the world and have a 35% discount on all International
shipments. We offer a quantity discount, so if ordered together, you could
save money on shipping and discounted SDK. For more detailed spec. info.,
please visit:


	Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions.

Chris Smith
Software Hut, Inc.

FYI: For more information on AMIGA, please visit:

    For a recent article in the New York Times, please visit:


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