[lug] Industrial Strength DB (was: StarOffice)

Kevin King kevin at precisonline.com
Thu Jun 29 08:02:17 MDT 2000

>> >The surprising thing is that any *DBMS that is aspiring to
>> >strength" would use the filesystem at all.
>> I guess it depends on your definition of "industrial strength".
To me,
>> 100k records and 10 indicies is pretty light weight.  When I think
>> of "industrial strength", I think half million dollar machines
>> a hundred thousand records every minute...
>That was my point.  I don't think that the algorithms have been
>yet that would allow an object database to scale in any meaningful
>And Oracle, Sybase, etc... usually want you to use a raw
partition(s) for
>production use.  The file system doesn't cut it (well, maybe xfs on
a good

The keyword here is "yet".  We do in fact use the file system and are
getting really great performance on our simple little P3-450 test box
running Caldera 2.2.  (It's not doing a hundred thousand trx a
minute, but then again it's not a half million dollar machine!)  Then
again, we're writing completely new rules for how this stuff gets put
out to disk, so we're not limited the same way as say an Oracle or

kevin at precisonline.com

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