[lug] changing X-fonts

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Thu Jun 29 11:57:24 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Wayde Allen
> I'd like to keep my current screen resolution 1024x768 screen resolution
> but be able to adjust font sizes.  I've tried tweaking the xfont server 
> config file, but that doesn't seem to be having the intended affect.  I'm
> running Debian 2.1.  Any suggestions on where to look?

Font sizes are generally application specific.  There isn't a global
setting to make all fonts bigger.  Is that what you were looking for, a
configuration to make all fonts appear larger?  

Window managers are usually the hardest to configure with respect to fonts,
though GNOME and KDE have made big strides in globally configuring their
environments.  Applications vary on how they allow font configurations.
Unfortunately, most open source apps are pretty poor in this area.  A few
commercial apps, like Netscape, are much better at it.  Netscape, however,
only seems to adjust the page display fonts, not the application fonts
themselves (ie not in the menus, buttons, etc.).

In general, applications using Xt or Motif widgets have an applications
resource configuration file, usually found under
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults, for adjusting fonts.  These configuration
files can also be set up on a per user basis (see O'Reillys X User Guide,
which is volume 3 in the X series, for more details). GTK applications use
a .gtkrc file in the users $HOME directory.  With .gtkrc you can specify the
fonts for *all* applications that use GTK+.  It's also possible to make
gtkrc files for individual applications as well, which is what I do with my
XNotesPlus package.  I'm not sure how Qt (ie KDE) configures fonts though I 
suspect there is a configuration file somewhere for this.
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