[lug] Routing with Linux

Stephen G. Smith ss2chef at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 29 15:43:46 MDT 2000

In need of an IP routing master..


Network 1 is a 35 node public static IP network
Network 2 is an 8 node public static IP network

Each network is in the same building.
Each network needs to stay in their own address space.
Each network would like to use resources on the others network.

Can a Linux based router be used to allow (through some sort of NAT)
packets from network 1 to network 2 or network 2 to network 1 to be
passed and still keep the same functionality of each independent network?

I have drawn this scenario in many different ways. I see a few ways
to maybe complete the task. I am looking for comments on
a best choice.

What are the potential pitfalls?


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