[lug] Oxygen vx1 video card

bdoctor at MobileEngines.com bdoctor at MobileEngines.com
Fri Jun 30 08:22:13 MDT 2000

Do you have the latest drivers for your GeForce card?  I know that Nvidia
released new drivers within the last two months or so, which included an update
for w2k.


> I'm in need of a real OpenGL card, one that survives in both linux and
> Windows 2000 (win 2k sucks, but I have an app and porting between o/s's
> I have to do). It appears that the Oxygen vx1, for about $180, is highly
> respected in terms of stability on windows, as well as nearly
> pixel-exact rendering. So for that, it seems to be the choice.
> But...it absolutely must run on linux, porting to windows is only
> secondary. Right now my GeForce card runs with hardware accel on X 4.0.
> I may have to get rid of it though, due to absolute failure on Windows
> 2000 (all direct rendering brings down the system, aside from one flight
> sim sample program, which runs at 390 frames per sec in 24 bit 640x480).
> So can anyone tell me anything about how the 3d labs oxygen vx1 runs for
> them in linux? Especially with either software *or* hardware OpenGL? And
> can you tell me if your OpenGL is available with version 1.2, or just
> 1.1? And what X server version do you use?
> Thanks,
> D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com
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