[lug] Corel and WINE

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Fri Jun 30 15:33:28 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Brian Jarrett
> Also, I'm using KDE.  The menu items were installed correctly and I launched
> it from there within the KDE.  
> I wish I new more about WINE to help you out.  Something between what we are
> running must make a difference, though.  

It's possible that Corel's version of WINE is expecting some color 
configuration info to come from KDE or GNOME.  Can you try running a
non-KDE/non-GNOME session (say with FVWM or some other simple window
manager) and see if the problem shows up?  I don't have the KDE or GNOME
libs installed completely.  If you can't try that, no problem.  I may see
if I can try it on my test box even though it has a pretty weak video card.
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