[lug] So now we're a bunch of communists, eh?

Robert Brown rbindc at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 31 08:11:00 MDT 2000

We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort 
of executive officer for the week.
supreme executive power comes from a mandate from the masses!

Concerning linux people as communists!

How come I can't get apache to run SSI in users's directory's? I have done 
so much configuring and I just can't get it to fly...

Any help would rule!


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Subject: [lug] So now we're a bunch of communists, eh?
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 06:49:06 -0600

Steve Ballmer, at Microsoft's annual financial analysts meeting in
Seattle (the full article is here:

"Linux is a tough competitor. There's no company led Linux, there's
barely a Linux road map. Yet Linux sort of springs organically from the
earth. And it had, you know, the characteristics of communism that
people love so very, very much about it. That is, it's free."


I have in my lifetime been called many, many things (some good, some not
so good) but no one until now has dared called me a communist. Perhaps a
better term for Linux users would be "anarchists." Or, we since they
want something for free, how about "misers"?

But communists? Never!

B. O'Fallon

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