[lug] Speakers

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Mon Jul 31 17:46:26 MDT 2000

Gary Hodges wrote:
> Are low price PC speakers all the same functionality-wise?  I got sound
> going on my Linux PC today, and then went down the hall to grab a set of
> unused Boston Acoustic speakers we got with a recent Gateway PC purchase.
> The Labtec speakers I have generate an annoying hum.  Well, the Boston's
> don't work, and the Labtec's do.  I verified the Boston's worked on one of
> the Gateway PC's they came with.  I have a SoundBlaster16 card, and the
> manual just says to install speakers.
> Gary
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I've found a number of speakers have low quality connectors that die.
Many are corroded or tarnished right out of the factory. As far as hum
goes, it could be from a cheap power supply, or it could be picked up
from inside the machine by unshielded cables. If it doesn't work, make
sure the connectors didn't die.

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