[lug] Speakers

Stephen Coffin scoffin at netcom.com
Mon Jul 31 21:10:13 MDT 2000

>Just a little off-topic, but in general you can pick up an old 70's
>vintage tuner with aux inputs, a couple of monster old box speakers, and

IMHO, the whole concept of "PC speakers" is just a gimmick to sell
more junk speakers.  Until recently, I just hooked up a pair of old
bookshelf speakers to my sound card (SB 16).  Works fine; the SB16
supposedly does 5 watts, but probably more like one or two watts.
Plenty loud enough, and quality good.

Recently, I got a regular stereo receiver and connected the line in
and out of the sound card to the aux inputs of the receiver.  Not
surprisingly, the quality coming from the computer sucks (especially
128bit MP3 :-)  At least now I have FM radio and cassette tape....

				GV Computing
				scoffin at netcom.com

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