[lug] One last question (routing and MASQ)

PC Drew drewpc at colorado.edu
Mon Jul 31 23:10:04 MDT 2000

let me get this straight:  Your linux box has two ethernet cards.  One
(eth0) goes to the cable modem (or whatever it is) and the other
(eth1) goes to your internal network.  You have a Solaris box, an
iMac, and a Windows box on your internal network.

              | Linux |
        |         |          |
   +---------+ +------+ +---------+
   | Solaris | | iMac | | Windows |
   +---------+ +------+ +---------+

If this is not a correct representation of your network, then please
draw it out for me.

Also, please send the results of the following programs on the
following boxes.

Linux box:
netstat -rn
ifconfig -a

Solaris box:
netstat -rn
ifconfig -a

Windows box:
route print

Hopefully I can help!

PC Drew

Thus spake John Starkey on Monday, July 31, 2000, 9:24:05 PM:

JS> Thanks everyone for the helps :} with my SMTP and cable modem problems. I
JS> am using broadband on the linux box now. 

JS> I have one last (if there's ever a last) problem. If someone might have
JS> the time.

JS> If I'm able to ping from iMac thru eth0 to eth1 but can't go any further-
JS> then /sbin/route is ok, as well as MASQ. So would this mean it's stopping
JS> at the firewall? Or is there something else that could cause problems. I
JS> am able to ping to and thru but not outta linux using Solaris, iMac, and
JS> Windoze. But only the linux box will make it out of it's eth0 (broadband).


JS> John

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