[lug] One last question (routing and smtp)

PC Drew drewpc at colorado.edu
Tue Aug 1 00:19:06 MDT 2000

PC Drew

Thus spake John Starkey on Monday, July 31, 2000, 11:32:25 PM:

JS> (So are you a teacher or a student) :}


JS> The Solaris box I think will be ok once I find out the problem with
JS> getting through Linux (and just to keep things simple). Windoze??? I think
JS> I may have eliminated that from the network. My girlfriend needs a DB and
JS> think I convinced her to go with Oracle instead of Act2000 which I bought
JS> her for x-mas (oooops).

The routing looks okay on the linux box...what about the Solaris and
Windows results?  That's the key to diagnosing the problem!

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