[lug] Various probs w/Linux

D. Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
Tue Aug 1 00:01:40 MDT 2000

Hi -

I am looking for someone who can help me with basic problems installing
& setting up RedHat Linux 6.2 for:

1) Basic (not anonymous) ftp server
2) Basic nfs client/server
3) 2-card INET gateway

It's not like I'm a dummy, I've done this stuff before, but for some
reason I am not able to get them to work. I may have gotten a bad CD
& am trying to get a replacement, but even going back to 6.1 & 6.0
I have the same probs. For instance, there is no install option do
you want to run an ftp server? It asks do I want to be an anonymous
ftp server & I say no. Most Unices start ftp (wuftp) by default (Solaris
[Intel]), SCO, etc). When trying to mount FS's exported from other
systems (Solaris, SCO, various WinDOS's - using xlink NFS), I get
garbage. Different garbage depending on whether I use linuxconf or
vi /etc/exports & /etc/fstab. Trying to get it to work as a gateway
is a nightmare of wierdnesses.

It's quite possible this is not remediable by help suggestions via
the listserv. If I can find someone who actually knows how to do this
I will be happy to pay you to assist me in setting up. Maybe I just
need an intensive refresher - it's been awhile since doing Unix SyAd


- duke

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