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D. Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
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David Morris wrote:
> The recent discussion on firewalls for DSL/Cable has brought up this
> question:
> What benefits, increased security, etc. does a stanalone firewall
> (such as the linksys BEFSR41 mentioned) have over a LINUX box running
> a firewall?
> Is it simply a matter of open source code?  Does the visibility of
> LINUX code decrease security because anyone can search through it for
> holes, or does it increase security by allowing anyone to go in and
> fix those holes as fast as possible?
> I am not looking for product endorsements, but rather a reason to use
> one version of a firewall over the other.
> --David
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David -

There R many good books on the subject of FW's. I think ??'s
comments on a standalone router vs Linux are valid. Part of that is
the KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) principal & availability of
source code is a big security issue. Like, a HW/firmware box
is harder to poke your nose into. I used to use $3K Livingston
bilevel routers but any more you can get 10 times that for $200.
Progress is our most important product....

Contact me offline if you want some ISBN's or titles. Very complex
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