[lug] Firewall what a flare of experience

William Jarosko winrip at fpcc.net
Tue Aug 1 22:50:25 MDT 2000

> What would you like then, a list of customers that were hacked on Linux and
> bought a PIX from me?
> Chris
I was watching this all day at work and finally.....   What I would like is for
you to put a sig in your emails, stating your company.  At least this way
everyone would know where you sit before you tell us where you stand.  I was
wondering if you sold equipement.   I kept thinking all day "this guy sounds
like a used car salesman..." .   

Anyway with regards to Wayde having a vested interest in a linux firewall, what
about you?  Are we to believe that you have nothing to protect?  Would you cut
into your profits to say that Linux ( ipchains really) could firewall just as
well, or even half as well as what you offer?

Don't get me wrong I no problem with someone making a buck or making a hundred
billion, but it's nice to know what someones sacred cows are before they speak,
or at least before I listen to what they have to say.


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