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Tue Aug 1 16:53:49 MDT 2000

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>> What would you like then, a list of customers that were hacked on Linux and
>> bought a PIX from me?
>> Chris
> I was watching this all day at work and finally.....   What I would like is
> for
> you to put a sig in your emails, stating your company.  At least this way
> everyone would know where you sit before you tell us where you stand.  I was
> wondering if you sold equipement.   I kept thinking all day "this guy sounds
> like a used car salesman..." .

If you read the initial note, it was there at the bottom.

My favorite firewall is the FFS in a Cisco, but it isn't the right match for
everyone.  It has tremendous flexibility though. There are good low-end
units like the Sonic.

You really thought about me all day?  <blush>

> Anyway with regards to Wayde having a vested interest in a linux firewall,
> what
> about you?  

Wayde doesn't, Ralf does.  Please read the emails fully.

> Are we to believe that you have nothing to protect?  Would you cut
> into your profits to say that Linux ( ipchains really) could firewall just as
> well, or even half as well as what you offer?

Nope, we're firewall agnostic, you want Linux, we'd set it up, it actually
costs more most of the time than a commercial unit.  And it isn't as good,
which is why no one buys them from us most of the time.

Linux firewalls cost more than commercial units almost all the time.  The
really high-end commercial firewalls cost a lot though. If you don't buy the
argument that an appliance is almost always better than Linux, then you
probably like to fiddle with stuff, you sell Linux firewalls, or you are
just misinformed on the true benefits of an appliance.

> Don't get me wrong I no problem with someone making a buck or making a hundred
> billion, but it's nice to know what someones sacred cows are before they
> speak,
> or at least before I listen to what they have to say.
> Bill

Just got off the phone with another customer "we need a firewall, will our
Linux box work?"

Answer: Yes.  But it isn't right for you.

As was on the first email...

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