[lug] Firewall what a flare of experience

William Jarosko winrip at fpcc.net
Tue Aug 1 23:23:50 MDT 2000

> You really thought about me all day?  <blush>

No I was just reading the posts as they came in.

> Wayde doesn't, Ralf does.  Please read the emails fully.


>If you don't buy the
> argument that an appliance is almost always better than Linux, then you
> probably like to fiddle with stuff, you sell Linux firewalls, or you are
> just misinformed on the true benefits of an appliance.

Ah no actually I prefer mostly Cisco products...  I know most of the 300 
people at the Englewood location, Engineers and the sales people... Linux
firewall, firewall software on windows, Cisco... whoever it doesn't matter...
Each manufacturer has it's own pluses and minuses. 

 However this has been in the past a USER group not a corporate help desk
mailing list.  Most people here are using Linux at home, a few have at work as
I do,  though it really isn't aproved of.   If I wanted to spend the money to
get the equipment I want, I would,  however for most people, like myself, it is
over kill at home.  NO corporation, at least one with any brains is going to
put up front, but it does have it's place, as a choke for example.  However all
I heard today was how bad it was (is), it's not good or bad, just suited for
different things.


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