[lug] dns mx record

Pete Krawczyk petek at bsod.net
Tue Aug 1 21:11:16 MDT 2000

Date: 02-Aug-2000
From: Hugh Brown
Subject: [lug] dns mx record

} Host unknown (Name server:
} xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.domain.com.: host not found)
} where all the x's are the ip address of newmailhost.

Your MX record for that must read like so:

                IN      MX      10 newmailhost.domain.com.

If it reads:

                IN      MX      10 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

DNS assumes you have a server called xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.domain.com.

Also make sure newmailhost has its own A record, as

newmailhost     IN      A       xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

If you have any further problems, send me your zone file and I'll take a look
at it.

-Pete K
Pete Krawczyk
  petek at bsod dot net or pkrawczy at uiuc dot edu
  Finger pkrawczy at uiuc dot edu for PGP public key

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