[lug] SQL and JAVA on Linux

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Tue Aug 1 22:03:19 MDT 2000

Ok here's a little digression from the firewall debate, if anyone is

I have on my box, postgres, Oracle, and Sybase. Actually I have the Oracle
disk that comes with Solaris8 so it's for the Solaris box. Sorry. 

I am, as per the headhunters' requests delving into JAVA. I haven't heard
of much mention of JAVA as an interface to SQL. Is this common??

If so are there any pros and cons as to which of the three would be the
best for learning both JAVA and SQL at the same time and is there a difference
between the shells to use while doing this?? 

And does anyone see why either Linux or Solaris would be the better choice
for this?

I've only had a few hard spent days with postgres and none with Sybase so
I'm a beginner with both and I am the most familiar with Linux so I'd prefer to
baptise myself in that realm.



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