[lug] SQL and JAVA on Linux

D. Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
Wed Aug 2 02:33:05 MDT 2000

John -

Well, now, I don't know much about Java/SQL, except maybe
that's what JDBC is, *BUT* Solaris 8 interests me & maybe
we need to create a splinter UG on that topic! I've 
installed that on various boxes with varying results, from
your basic 9-attempt flakey install to pretty smooth ones
to total lockups (lately on a brand-new vanilla-Intel
CPU & Mommy Bored with every card specifically on their
HWCompat list, which was to be my Oracle server for a web 
site, which hung instead) Anyone else out there have any
experience with this?

In fact, re: a Solaris listserver, once I can get my system
fenced off & talking safely to the great outdoors, I would
be interested in hosting such a listserver. Wonder what the
need for such a thing is or if there already is one locally?

- duke

John Starkey wrote:
> Ok here's a little digression from the firewall debate, if anyone is
> interested.
> I have on my box, postgres, Oracle, and Sybase. Actually I have the Oracle
> disk that comes with Solaris8 so it's for the Solaris box. Sorry.
> I am, as per the headhunters' requests delving into JAVA. I haven't heard
> of much mention of JAVA as an interface to SQL. Is this common??
> If so are there any pros and cons as to which of the three would be the
> best for learning both JAVA and SQL at the same time and is there a difference
> between the shells to use while doing this??
> And does anyone see why either Linux or Solaris would be the better choice
> for this?
> I've only had a few hard spent days with postgres and none with Sybase so
> I'm a beginner with both and I am the most familiar with Linux so I'd prefer to
> baptise myself in that realm.
> TIA,
> John
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