[lug] SQL and JAVA on Linux

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Wed Aug 2 10:59:16 MDT 2000

> > I am, as per the headhunters' requests delving into JAVA. I haven't heard
> > of much mention of JAVA as an interface to SQL. Is this common??
> I see more and more java interfaces to various database related
> applications. 

I've been surfing since 92. I remember a few years ago I went thru Sun's
tutorial, never followed thru. But anyway. Do you (or anyone else no of
some good sites that are running JAVA, and more better, Linux and JAVA.
I've never paid attention to any of the coding or scripting involved with
any sites. The transition from strictly HTML has been kinda slow looking
at it daily but the over-all picture shows some rapid changes I didn't
notice, or didn't care til now. I remember hating UNIX because I couldn't
figure it out in 92, with no manual and just a mac classic with telnet.
Now I'm migrating to 3 parts UNIX 1 part mac (and no doze :})

> is somewhat unifying where it is available, so it might
> have an advantage in a mixed environment, provided each has a java
> interface.

That's re-assuring.
> You need to learn SQL no matter what interface, if you really want to do
> the job (some people will tell you MS Access is all you need...provided
> you are willing to be inefficient or aggravated).

Even before I started *nix I never resorted to Windoze, or MS, so Ithink
I'll stick with *nix. I interviewed with MicroStaff two days ago and she
was using Access. I only saw the screen a couple times. I didn't feel it
was appropriate for me to ask her to let me play with the keyboard :{.

> I don't have much of a
> comment on which shell to use...use one that doesn't interfere with you.

Bash it is. 

> By all means, learn java at the same time...it's hard for SQL to do much
> good without an application to link it to...you can enter all things at
> a console, but that is a tool now and then, not a goal.

Any ideas or comments on a learn-all type project. Something that would
cover all facets of JAVA? 
> If you want a db over 2 gig, you'll need some patches to work it on
> linux. If you're trying to learn or don't need over 2 gig, linux is
> probably cheaper.

I'll cross that bridge later (hopefully). I won't have that much DB on
these machines for a while.
This is bordering OT, I may have to look for a list more on topic,
but as long as noone minds, I'd really like to hear everyones input. 



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