[lug] filehandles in perl question...

arnie asherman1 at uswest.net
Wed Aug 2 18:14:56 MDT 2000

This was an excellent suggestion, I was easily able to put this together
using rcp.

Tkil wrote:

> if you just want to retrieve multiple files from a remote filesystem,
> why not simply use `rcp' (better yet `scp', but that's a different
> issue).
> i use `scp' to transfer mbox files to my local box; if I went through
> the trouble of setting up the appropriate configuration, it could do
> this without asking for a password at all.  `scp' is a part of
> OpenSSH, which is available in source form for many platforms.
> this sounds a lot cleaner than trying to build an automaton that
> behaves like an interactive user.

arnie sherman
frenomulax at bigfoot.com

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