[lug] LPRng and RH 7.0

D. Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
Thu Aug 3 10:32:09 MDT 2000

calvin -

OK, I have a related question:

Where can I get drivers for printers not on the list available
at install time? (Sharp JX9500H & HP Office Jet 800). Also could
use some pointers to docs on hooking up via ether rather than having
dozens of || ports!

- duke

Calvin Dodge wrote:
> Some of you may remember the problems I've had at work with network printing.
> LPD would hang if I assigned more than 5 printers to a Linux server, and it
> would also hang if a single network printer was unresponsive.
> I finally bit the bullet and installed LPRng, and so far its performance has
> been flawless - even with 10 printers to manage, and my attempts to confuse it
> by turning off network printers.
> Red Hat seems to have seen the light on this, since RH 7.0 (beta) comes with
> LPRng.  If anyone is interested in trying it out, let me know, and I'll burn
> CDs for you in exchange for a couple of blanks (yep, 7.0 is big enough for 2
> CDs).
> Calvin
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