[lug] Linux running Samba wouldn't allow connections after IP address c hange.

Brian Jarrett BrianJ at storagesoft.com
Fri Aug 4 08:09:31 MDT 2000

Hello All.

We've just implemented a new firewall and changed the Network to to
use masquerading.  Doing this meant I had to change the interface address on
my Linux machine and edit the smb.conf file to allow connections from the
new network.  I did so and then tried to connect to the shares.   I keep
getting errors stating that Freya, my Samba machine, wasn't available, or
that the network was busy.  Doing a packet capture, I found that my Linux
machine was querying our DNS server constantly.  I left it not knowing why
it was doing that and when I came in the next morning, the machine was
working fine.

I'm assuming the DNS queries took precedence over SMB connections and that
was why we couldn't connect, but why all the queries?  Any ideas about what
was going on? 

Other information about Freya:  It's doing masquerading between the test lab
network and the corporate network so the lab can get out to the internet.
Since it's running Samba, it allows connections on both interfaces.  We use
it to get new binaries into the lab for testing without having the two
networks affect each other.

Brian Jarrett

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