[lug] NIC fact/fiction

Brian Jarrett BrianJ at storagesoft.com
Fri Aug 4 09:31:34 MDT 2000

I've never heard of this phenomenon and I disconnect cables from NICs all
the time on our networks.  The machine itself won't harm the NIC if a cable
is not plugged in.  

My guess is that someone observed the effect of having a NIC burned out
without understanding the true cause of the problem.  They probably
disconnected the cable and then found that the NIC didn't work, but a power
surge or something else could've caused it.  The only other thing that
_might_ be a possibility is if, when disconnecting the cable, someone caused
ESD damage to the NIC by grounding out to it.


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Has anyone ever heard of a network card "burning out" from being
disconnected from the ethernet for an extended period?  It seems silly to me
because I had my network card powered up in my box for months before I had
anything to connect it to and it still works fine.  But I heard second hand
that if you disconnect the ethernet cable while the machine is powered up
that it will burn out the network card.

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