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Fri Aug 4 12:03:27 MDT 2000

This just came across the SuSE mail list.  Thought you all might be

Andrew Diederich
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'lo all,
I would like to announce that I am now maintaining the Linux Myth Dispeller,
which has not been updated since 1997. I am reworking it into LDP DocBook
format, adding new myths and explanations, updating old stuff, and putting
out in a HOWTO format. It will cover commonly held myths about Linux, and as
such, will probably end up encompassing much FUD.
The reason for this announcement here is that I would like some input to
sure that it reflects the myths, as seen by more of the Linux community than
just me. If you have Myths, FUD, etc that you ould like to see explained in
Dispeller, please email me and let me know.
I am aiming for an initial release sometime this month, and updates pretty
regularly after that.

 Jon Tillman
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 tillmanj at sccoast.net
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