[lug] dhcp/pump/whatever in Mandrake 7.1

John-David Childs jdc at nterprise.net
Fri Aug 4 14:28:49 MDT 2000

nix: rpm -qf /sbin/pump

nix: rpm -qf /sbin/dhclient

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Try doing a 'locate dhclient'.  I believe you should fine this under /sbin,
but it might be different on your machine.  dhclient is the program that
connects you to a dynamic ip.

As for pump, I would have no idea.  Good luck.


> I've been helping someone else set up their Mandrake 7.1 box.  It came
> Mandrake pre-installed, but apparently nothing to make the connection to a
> dynamic ip address.
> dhcp is not in /usr/sbin, nor is setup
> pump is not in /sbin
> In fact, we couldn't find dhcp, setup, or pump anywhere under /usr, /sbin,
> or /bin.
> Does Mandrake 7.1 use something different for this?  Can someone who uses
> Mandrake for networking tell me where their dhcp/pump/whatever files
> Thanks,
> Matt

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